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My Books

     My NEW book - "The Early History of Penrose Colorado" was almost 16 years in the making!  Over those long years, I hiked many dusty roads, gently touched broken fragments of pottery, gazed at old foundation ruins, and waded through Beaver Creek too any times to mention.

     This is my fourth book on Local history in Fremont County, Colorado. It's certainly the longest (427 pages), has the most photographs (hundreds) and is a true labor of love.

     Scroll down to see my previous Local History books and to see my latest work-in-progress "Forgotten Female Felons" a book of historical fiction short stories.

From the back cover:

     "The lush banks of Beaver Creek were a welcome sight to twenty-two pioneer families from Appanoose County, Iowa. They settled in Eastern Fremont County in the early 1860s, where they farmed, ranched, and raised their families. At the turn of the century, Spencer Penrose, businessman and investor from Colorado Springs, bought water rights on the creek. The Schaeffer Dam was built, water was diverted, and the new town of Penrose was born in 1909.

     "Join historian Skye Stuart on a journey through time as she tells the colorful stories of the Toof brothers, who built a small empire on Lower Beaver Creek and Lafayette Coffman, a dashing Civil War veteran. Meet Anna Belle Callen, an early suffragette and feel the energy at the once-bustling Glendale Stagecoach Inn. Learn about the magnificent engineering feat of building the Schaeffer Dam and the devastating Beaver Creek Flood of 1921. One-room schoolhouses, thriving apple orchards, forgotten cemeteries, a short-lived railroad, and community celebrations such as the annual Apple Day festivities are all part of this captivating book celebrating the history of Penrose, Colorado."

My book is $25 and is available on Amazon .

If you want a sign​ed copy, with the free 8 x 10 color photo of Glendale, the cost is $31 to mail it to you, payable through PayPal.

Forgotten Female Felons

     I first met these ladies over ten years ago in the basement archives of the Colorado Museum of Prisons. Their faces tugged at my heart and imagination, as I carefully scanned the fragil log sheets bound into thick bulky notebooks. Each logsheet detailed the facts of their incarceration - name, age, crime, location, parents, spouse, occupation, literacy, drug use, length of imprisonment, and release.

     All of it fascinating reading. What stuck with me however, were their faces and dresses and hats. They looked like "normal" women, not like criminals. I realized that they were someone's mother, sister, cousin, neighbor. They were real women with real stories.

     After I developed my presentation of the same name, I delved even deeper. I found some of these women on census records, in newspaper articles, court records. As women, most of them disappeared from public records.

     In time, I began writing fiction stories about possibilities, envisioning them as whole women, not just about perhaps the worst thing they had ever done. Or maybe they didn't even commit the crime.

     My book will be ready in 2022. I want to introduce you to these ladies, to in some measure, restore their dignity as women.


My previous local history books

     "San Juan Bautista Cemetery" was the first book I wrote on Local History. I was enchanted with this tiny Mexican Catholic cemetery tucked away just outside the city limits of Florence, Colorado. The rows of white crosses and the expansive view of the mountains drew me in and i had to know more about this special place. The book is available on Amazon  for $9.

     I finished two local history books in 2008. "Forgotten Cemeteries of Beaver Creek" and "Pioneer Women of Beaver Creek." 

     These three cemeteries on Beaver Creek, Fremont County, Colorado, are off the beaten path, two are no longer accessible to the public. Each cemetery sits atop a hill with long vistas of the Rocky Mountains.

     Learning about the pioneers - infants, children, men and women buried in these sacred spaces - gave me a deep reverence for all they did to make their small corners of the world better places.

     These two books are also available on Amazon and Amazon. $15 each. They provide a small income stream for Penrose Community Library.

     "Down Memory Lane with the Beaver Creek Folks" was written by Della Goode Lancaster, who grew up on Beaver Creek in the early 1900s. Her gift for detail and storytelling makes this area come alive. I was given permission from Della's grand-daughter to edit the book and publish it. I was honored to be a conduit for Della's voice to be heard over a hundred years later.

     Della's book is also on Amazon for $10 and sales benefit the library.